WTS/ T Early 90s yamaha pacifica 112j


Vintage Yamaha pacifica 112J. This one should be from 92 which makes its 20 this year, still in great playing condition with litte fret wear, no dead notes and a nice smooth neck. HSS config, dark brown in colour (can see wood grain), alder body, maple neck, rosewood fretboard. Looks and feels great for a guitar of this price.. Definitely better than the current production ones and lots of other guitars in this price range. Pickups changed to duncan design invader on the bridge and tonerider single coils so you can go from sparkly cleans to something more brutal instantly. Setup by goose to 11s with a carl verheyen set up ( check it out on youtube).

Selling for $300. Contact me at 97859212, deal in pasir ris. Want to trade it for a m9.