SOLD WTS: Roland TD-15KV Custom V-tour V-drums Kit

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Roland TD-15KV Custom V-tour V-drums Kit
• Set includes many upgrades & accessories that were not packaged with the standard set when I bought it 3 years ago.
• Customizations & upgrades along the way include Red drum-shell for the snare & Tom 3, KD-80 mesh-head kick drum trigger, Pearl Demon Drive kick drum pedal, brand new Tama Hi-hat stand, brand new double-locking drum throne, etc.


Detailed specs:
• TD-15 Drum module (more drum sounds & more user-friendly interface than TD-25)
• Kick: KD-80 8” mesh-head trigger (marked improvement over the cloth-head KD-9 that came with the original set)
• Tom 1: PD-85 (Dual-zone triggers)
• Tom 2 Holder: for add-on Tom
• Snare & Tom 3: PD-100 (Upgraded to custom Red drum shell with Dual-zone triggers, functions like a PD-105)
• Rack: MDS-9V
• Crash: CY-12C
• Ride: CY-13R
• Hi-hat: VH-11
• Hi-hat stand: Tama Stage Master HH45S (brand new)
• Drum throne: Lazer Double-locking, thick foam (brand new)
• Kick-drum pedal: Pearl Demon Drive Eliminator P-3000D

• Spent more than $5000+ on this set & clearing at a steal now!
• Grab it before it’s gone!
• No low-ballers please
• If budget is a constraint, you may wish to trade the KD-80 with the original KD-9 Kick drum trigger which I’m also selling or get your own entry-level kick drum pedal instead of the Pearl Demon Drive I’m selling it with.
• Note that Brand New sets sold at the shops do not include Hi-hat stand, kick drum pedal, drum throne, etc.

• Not for fussy buyers
• Cash terms only
• Viewing/Testing can be arranged at my convenience at my place in Kovan.
• Whatsapp 96270034

• I may consider selling the parts separately if there are enough interested buyers with reasonable offers.
• Feel free to drop me a message with your best offer & item you are interested in for my considerations & I will get back to you should I decide to sell the items separately.
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