WTS Pedals


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Hi all, 3 pedals for sale to fund some GAS.

1. Empress Compressor - $270
One of the best out there, really amazing compressor for guitar and my bassist friend says amazing for bass too. Been a staple on my board for most of my tones but selling now because I'm eyeing a smaller-sized comp. Comes with box and manuals and a blue barefoot button.
Works perfectly, physical condition 9/10.

2. Old Blood Noise Endeavors Mondegreen Delay - $180
Strange digital delay with 3 modes of fun on the repeats - tremolo, chorus and octave. Really fun sounds from this box of delightfulness. Comes with box, manuals and a barefoot button. Selling because I have been using a different delay lately. Might regret this but oh well.
Works perfectly, physical condition 9/10

3. Providence Heat Blaster HBL-3 - $130
Fiery overdrive/distortion sure to help you cut through the mix. Simple yet effective 3-knob configuration as well as a slight bass boost using a button. Wide gain range so I find it useable as a boost/low gain drive and it cleans up pretty well too. Selling because I don't really play with much gain and I prefer my other drive pedals for lower gain/pushed clean sounds.
Works perfectly, physical condition 7/10

All prices include delivery to your place and slightly negotiable. Contact me at 979two1647 if you're interested/want pictures/more information. Thanks :)