*STEAL DEAL* Catalinbread Semaphore V2


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Only for $300
Unavailable in SG.

Hardly used. Box Included.

Contact 96841947 for pix and queries.

At the heart of the Semaphore is a lush audio path that incorporates optically controlled JFET gain stages to sculpt a gorgeous clean boost sound, that is present and alive without being peaky or harsh.

On the Semaphore, this knob's characteristics are affected by the position of the Tap Divide control. If the Tap divide is set at a higher rate, you will notice that the Rate knobs sweep will change as well. The Tap Divide works as the engine for the Tap function of the Semaphore. Since a tremolo can obviously operate at a much faster rate than one could tap out, this control takes your tap tempo and multiplies it by the corresponding note beats. The quarter note represents the same tempo that you tap out. Once a tempo has been tapped in, the Tap Divide can function as an in-time rate control.

The Waveshape control provides 8 different waveshapes:
including sine, square, triangle, hyper-triangle, ramp up, ramp down, lumps, and random.

Like all of Catalinbread's pedals, the Semaphore is handbuilt in Portland, Oregon.