Wts pedals n pedalboard n stuffs


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-modtone volume pedal -$$75

-beta aivin hm200(heavy metal) -$35

-Beta aivin chorus -$35

-crybaby gcb95 wah -$85(sold)

-gator pedal tote pedalcase -$60(sold)
Similar Size to pt jr comes with softcase n pedalboard
(handle type)

-vox satchurator -$80

-ehx metal muff w/top boost $90(sold)

-e hardcase for les paul-$80

-maestro protege acoustic/electric guitar
Colour aged brown like gibson-$200

-oakley holbrook ruby red(new)-$170

-wii gameset w/rockband full set n dj hero set n many2 games-$350(sold)

All well maintain n looks new n comes with box n guitar bag
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