WTS Pedals


Hi guys, downsizing and clearing so here are some pedals I wanna let go.

1) Beta Aivin HM200 Heavy Metal Distortion $30 Slightly Used 8.5/10 w/box

2) Distortion Factory DF7 Digitech $100 Used 7.5/10 w/o box

3) Boss DS-2 $80 New 9.5/10 w/box

4) Proco Rat 2 $110 (firm) Slightly Used 8.5/10 w/ box

5) Boss DD-6 $120 Slightly Used 8.5/10 w/o box (pending)

6) Mooer Cruncher $80 New 9.9/10 w/box

7) Caline CP-16 Mr Mark $50 New 9.9/10 w/box

Price Neg if buying 3 or more. No trades.

All pedals have been recently tested and are in good condition with boxes and all.

Thank you for viewing!:)

Call me, beep me, if you wanna reach me. 92252406
Deals happen at Bishan Mrt Station