WTS: Pedals and cable plugs


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1. Line 6 DL-4
Mint condition, fully functional and less than a month old. 190sgd

It was only bought so I can learn about some basic looping which I have procrastinated for a long time. Comes with box and manual. I already stuck the included guide stickers to the unit already as the Tweak and Tweez knobs have different functions depending where you set the delay type rotary selector.

2. Henretta Green Zapper Envelope Filter - 90sgd
Envelope filter that fits in your palm. A set and forget pedal that works wonders given its diminutive size(2" x 2"). It has trim pots inside for tweaking the range and output level. It is reactive to pickup positions and guitar tone and volume knob manipulation. Just find the sweet Q spot and stop worrying about knocking knobs and switches out of position when funking.

The factory settings are just nice as it is. I just adjusted the range a bit back so it would do more "wow" than "wah" but the original positions are marked so it's easy to put it back to stock. Works on both guitar and bass.

Comes with box and manual.

3. Switchcraft plugs(for patch cables) - 70sgd
Switchcraft plugs are the high-quality standard for making reliable patch cables. I have 12 pieces of angled and 4 pieces of straight-barrel plugs. Selling as a set only.

4. One Control White Loop - 70sgd
Excellent unit with box and manual. Comes with velcro underneath.

5. Komet Koda
9.5/10. Comes with box. 200sgd.

An amp-in-a-box sound with high headroom crunch. Great for bluesy or fusion tones where note clarity mixed with grit is required. Definitely a unique animal among the myriad of gain boxes

6. Lone Wolf Audio Burning Spirit - 150sgd
A refined TS-type circuit with the TL072 chip and switcheable voicing switch so it suits both humbuckers and single coils. Clickless footswitch and Alpha pots are also used. Clearer and with more detail than a typical Tubescreamer without losing that famous pleasant sag these pedals are known for.
Comes with box.

7. EHX Keys9 - 200sgd
An absolutely mint condition unit. Comes with box ,manual and its own bonus adapter. It can be used with other power supplies like One Spot, Carl Martin, Cioks, etc. so you don’t really have to rely on the free one as long as the power requirement is met.

I bought this before we found a keyboardist in our band so I don’t need it now.

8. Friedman Dirty Shirley - 190sgd
9.5/10. With velcro. Comes with box and manual.

9. Xotic RC Booster V2 - 200sgd
Unit only - 9.5/10 with velcro.

If interested, please contact 96406792. Thanks!