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Hi all. Selling some of my pedals. Clearing to raise funds. Negotiable but no lowballers.

Boss DD7 - $170 (w/ box & manual)
Item is used but in great condition. Signed by Keith Merrow & Nick Johnston which can be removed.

MAXON OD808 - $130 (w/ box & manual)
used but in great condition. First owner

ISP Decimator G-String 2 $160
used but in great condition. Only the front label is missing. No box.

MV Electronics Shredhead $100
Marshall in a box pedal. Great for OD to High Gain applications. Able to run from 9-18V for more headroom.
demo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1wTM3NQheF0&feature=youtu.be

AT System 10 Stompbox (Wireless) $200
Item is great. Never had any signal drop-outs on this. Tried other brands before but this is the best guitar wireless I had. Able to run on regular daisy chain.
comes with receiver, transmitter, neutrik cable & strap attachment + storage pouch & original psu.

Bridge Humbucker $50
From a Fender MIJ Fotoflame strat. Medium to hot pickup.

SMS at 82985385. Deal at Pasir Ris or Ubi-Tampines East Downtown Line.
No lowballers please. IMG_8709.jpg


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