WTS FAST DEALS - 3 Pedals Available!


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1. 3Leaf Audio Proton Envelope Filter
One of the best sounding envelope filters out there, with an insane amount of tonal options. Brighter in its tone, it allows you to cut through the mix with some dirty, funky riffs. Envelope filters are one of those effects that you never knew you needed until you've tried it for yourself.
Pedal is in great condition cosmetically, functions absolutely like it should. Comes with the original box!
Looking to sell at $190, price is very negotiable for serious and fast buyers!

2. Boss SD-1 Signed by Dave Grohl, Foo Fighters
Very special piece, I don't use the pedal at all as I don't play much high gain stuff. Despite that, the SD-1 is an amazing medium - high gain overdrive pedal that is pretty inexpensive. Smooth lead tones, crunchy rhythm tones; you will never go wrong with this pedal.
What makes it special is that it is autographed by Dave Grohl so any Foo Fighter fans, please take this off my hands! I would like this pedal to belong in a place where it is loved :)
Asking for only $110 for this!

3. Boss OD3
No nonsense overdrive. The OD-1 was the pedal that the now, ever famous, tube screamers were based off, this pedal is its predecessor. Found this pedal to be extremely versatile, able to stack super nicely with other pedals (especially Boss ones). Use it as a boost, or even as your main drive tone. and it is LOUD so you have to be careful with the knobs.
Asking for $60!

Take both Boss pedals at $150!
I don't only offer this to make it attractive price wise, but both of these pedals stack extremely well together. Both of them could potentially be all the overdrives that you need!

Whatsapp/Telegram me at nine22sevenzero222 !
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