SOLD WTS: Monsterpiece Classic fuzz (Germanium Fuzz face)

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This is Richard Coibion's take on the Fuzz face. Excellent simplicity and tone.
Fuzz knob all the way up, and clean up using your guitar's volume knob and you're set for the whole gig.

Uses NOS Germanium Transistors

As good as the Analogman Sunface - Similar to the 2SB transistor. This is a bargain compared and i dare say its better than some of my analogman sunface (i have 9 sunfaces so i know what i'm talking about)

"The Monsterpiece Classic Fuzz is what you want when simplicity, ease of use, and great tone is all you want or need. This is a 2 transistor Germanium fuzz in which I use various new old stock Germanium transistors such as GT308, AC125, and SFT352 that are hand selected for proper gain & leakage for best sound in each pedal. The circuit is based on the classic fuzz face circuit, with the only changes being 1 resistor value to allow for greater volume output (you will not need to dime the volume control to obtain unity volume with the bypass signal), and an internal transistor bias trim pot that allows you to fine tune the overall fuzz voice to what you hear in your head. Germanium fuzzes based on the fuzz face circuit are known for their exceptional dynamic response to both your picking & guitar volume knob. The Monsterpiece Classic is no exception."

Recommended to use cheap zinc-carbon 9V batteries. Using a power supply is a compromise with a vintage fuzz. The germanium versions are reverse polarity, so sharing a power source with a normal polarity pedal is not a good idea. Using a single power cable from the Voodoo Lab or other isolated power supplies is safe though. If you get a power jack but use the internal battery, there are no problems or compromises at all.
It does not require using a reverse polarity plug on any of the pedals. Use normal center negative boss type power supply wiring, even if it's a germanium fuzz. This does NOT mean you can share power with another pedal though.

Remember to unplug the input jack when not playing to save the battery! All my $500-700 fuzz are played with cheap zinc-carbon batteries.

I like the Eveready 1222 "black cat", Maxell, or Panasonics. An Alkaline battery will sound a bit dull in a germanium fuzz, it can lose some character (you can hear the difference in a sound sample above). It's not just the voltage that makes batteries and power supplies sound different. It's the resistance, inductance, and capacitance in the battery, which is part of the circuit in a fuzz

A power supply can also cause oscillation (squealing) on some high gain fuzz. TheGigRig virtual battery should solve oscillation problems, along with isolating the power so you can use any power supply with our positive ground pedals.

Asking $200
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