WTS> Modtone Coliseum Reverb pedal, Boss ST-2 Power Stack.


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- Modtone Coliseum Reverb Pedals < condition 9/10, Looking 7/10. 6months old From SV guitars. 4/5 stars rating! Letting it off at $100SGD. http://www.svguitars.com/modtone-mt-rv-coliseum-reverb/

- Boss ST-2 Power Stack (For pop, Rock, Jazz(not too stronge) Metal(better not for metal) .
condition 9/10, Looking 9/10 Because not everything is perfect in this world. 5months old From SV guitars. Letting it off at $100SGD. http://www.svguitars.com/boss-st-2-power-stack-guitar-effect-pedal/

- Beta Alvin CH-100 Super chorus (For clean, Pop, Jazz) 1year Not from SV! Condition 9/10, Looks 8/10. Letting it off at $20SGD. No Warranty Left. http://www.svguitars.com/products/Beta-Aivin-CH%2d100-Super-Chrous.html

Good considered sold after tested good.

SV guitars stickers were stick on the pedals, Which means if any problem you can appoach me/SV guitar for Exchange or troubleshooting if the pedals has problem. Left 6months As for the warranty for both of the pedals.

Interested candidates can contact me @ 9675- three-two-seven-zero Jayson.