WTS: Boss RV6 Reverb and Ernie Ball MVP volume pedal


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Boss RV6 reverb pedal - $200 (fixed)
Mint condition. Bought in Oct 2017, but its as good as a brand new one. I still have the receipt from Swee Lee for warranty (two years if I am not wrong). Price is fixed for this please. Thanks

One of the warmest and clean sounding reverb pedal in the market. Has the shimmer and dynamic reverb effect that were not in the older RV5. Its a Boss, which means its built to last a million years!

Photos here:

Ernie Ball MVP volume pedal - $120 (negotiable)
Used but in excellent condition. One issue though is that there is still a little volume even when the foot pedal is completely up. But if you can redo up the string properly, you will be able to sort out this issue. Open to negotiation if interested.

Photos here

From Ernie Ball's website:
"The Ernie Ball Most Valuable Pedal provides a super smooth foot sweep, ideal for precise volume control with no high-frequency loss at any volume. Works with both active and passive electronics, the MVP also includes a powerful gain boost allowing players to increase the audio signal up to +20 decibels. The MVP features a compact, rugged design consisting of aircraft grade aluminum housing that is virtually indestructible. Requires DC 9V/100mA minimum power supply or 9V battery"
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Sorry, forgot to mention to contact me at 94-two-4-seven-3-seven-0. I can send your pictures if you are interested.