WTS Line 6 Pod HD500x $330 Fantastic Condition, Check out my Demos, 97939234

Daniel Kong

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Line 6 Pod HD500x in great condition, comes with original case and original power supply. This is a great unit, super robust, and great tones despite it's age. Check out my demos for some of the sounds I've dialled in!

With a Strat

With a Mustang

With a Tele

Got this to play around with. I think it's fantastic value. The sounds are good, the onboard looper is fantastic. I've updated this to the latest firmware, and Line 6 has been keeping this unit updated even up till now. Functionality wise, you get a lot more than the recently released Pod GO. This has more DSP than the HD500, and you can come up with presets that help you achieve more without having to constantly switch. I like running my stuff in stompbox mode where I can toggle individual effects, so this is a great help. I'm looking at getting a guitar or maybe a smaller modeller, so this has got to go. Contact me and we'll work out the specifics. I can deliver to most places as long as there's an MRT or public transport. If you want to trade something let me know as well. Cheers!

Contact me on Telegram/Whatsapp: 97939234

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