SOLD wts: Laney RBW100 Bass Amplifier Combo Made in UK

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Inputs: Active and Passive/Active Inputs. For Passive and Active bass respectively.

Gain: Setting level of gain.

Compressor: On/off on-board compressor.

Bass: Controls low-frequency response.

Paramid Frequency: Mid-frequencies to be cut or boosted.

Paramid Gain: Setting level of boost or cut.

Treble: Controls high-frequency response.

Volume: Sets overall volume.

D.I: XLR Socket output to mixing-desk.

Phones: Headphone output.

FX Loop: Send and return for external effects unit.

Tuner out: Socket for connecting external tuner.

Horn switch: Switches the onboard horn on/off

- Made in the UK.
- 65 Watts.
- 12" Speaker.
- Local Voltage.
- No scratchy pots.
- Please test until 100% satisfied.
- Meet ups at Paya Lebar MRT Station.
- Questions? Ask.

Not open for further replies.