WTS: Korg Pitchblack, BYOC Rat and Compressor + BONUS


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1) Korg Pitchblack: GONE

Condition 10/10, with box.

2) Assembled BYOC Mouse (Rat clone): $120

Imagine the classic Rat circuit with 5 other clipping options, basically making it a Vintage Rat, a Turbo Rat, a You Dirty Rat and more in one box. Insanely versatile and tweakable.

3) Assembled BYOC Five Knob Compressor (Ross clone): $100

Essentially a Ross Compressor clone with great modern improvements like the Blend control (similar to the Barber Tone Press), the Tone control that helps tame or accentuate the highs, and the Attack control that allows you to tweak it to perfectly suit your guitar.


I'll let both BYOC pedals go for a total of $210 AND I'll throw in a modded EHX LPB-1. It has an extra knob to reduce the amount of bass, and I sanded down the original label to bare metal. Yes, three workhorse pedals to cover compression, distortion and boost for the price of ONE booteek pedal.

Message me at 98355229 to deal.

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