WTS: Kevin Ricard Handmade Cajon & Carlos Djembe ~ Cheap prices.


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Hi there. I am clearing some stuff in my place and was deciding which stuff I need to let go due to space constraint and how often I used them. So I have these two Percussion Instrument to let go.

1) Kevin Ricard Handmade Cajon

I have only used it twice for a gig so it is fairly new. Only practiced it for a while then I had no time to carry on due to work. Varnish still looks brand new as I take good care of my instruments.

It has an adjustable panel at the back to control depth of the Bass tone.


It has a nice textural look on the batter side.


It has a nice bass tone with not so overpowering rattles/snares. Wood is easy to play on. Personally I like the bass tone for this cajon. Furthermore, you can adjust the panel at the back to control the tone of the instrument. I bought it at $695 at the time when it first got on the retail stores. I have a bag to keep it safe from dust and dirt.

Price I'm selling (inclusive of bag): $400/- (fixed)

2) Carlos Djembe

I bought this djembe in the hopes to learn it seriously someday but it did not happen eventually due to work. Haiz~ I have only used it 3 times in a gig. So, once again, it relatively look new, also because I take care of my instrument. It is the low level entry djembe from Carlos but still have a favourable Bass tone. Skin is tunable, as I have to perform gigs outdoors and the temperature may alter the tuning. So if I have a tunable one, at least I can control the pitch as compared to the traditional ones. I personally liked playing this one despite being a low level entry. Good for any beginners to start off with. Also, this comes with a bag too. Rastafari straps. I look cool whenever I carry this around in town :p

I bought it at Ranking Sports for $120 + $80(Bag) = $200.
Selling price : $100/- (fixed)


(this picture is not mine, I can't seems to upload mine so I'm using a similar product image as reference)

All prices are stated as self collection. I stay around Yishun. If you want me to send it to your place, it will be an additional $20.

P.S: If you request to view my pictures, do ask them through my contact & have the following format in the SMS so at least I know who and what you want :

Raf - 91915045

Cajon Wanted or Djembe Wanted

Message: ................................etc.

All right, thanks for taking the time to read. Do contact me through the number given above. Hope to hear from you soon. Cheers. :)