SOLD WTS: Jap Fender Tele T71 Ash with upgrades and free parts! $700

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Selling a great condition Jap Tele T71 Ash with upgrades and free parts for anyone interested.

I bought this guitar as a backup and a workhorse but never gotten around to using it. Its in superb condition and frets are 100%. Since I'm selling the guitar, the additional stuff i bought for it will go with it for free. I've priced for it to go to someone interested, i think you'd agree its a fair price for everything included.

Upgrades (all upgrades were done professional by Ravi Goose, owner of GworX)
1) Had Neck position neatly routed so it can fit neck humbucker as well.
2) Had the sticky neck gloss removed and refinished for satin feel.
3) Upgraded Pots
4) Upgraded to Luxe paper in oil capacitors (bought at Davis for $48) still have box
5) Changed to Cream warmoth pickguard ($25 USD)

Free Stuff:
1) Additional Cream warmoth pickguard with humbucker neck if you decide to use humbucker ($25 USD)
2) Original white plastic pickguard
3) Fender 4 way switch bought from TYMC ($38)
4) comes with fender gig bag

feel free to text me: 9187-8348 if you have any questions

*not sure why the pics are upside down, you can view them on carousell if it makes it easier, thanks


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