SOLD WTS Incomplete 1989 MIJ Ibanez RG 550 JB (Jewel Blue)- Japanese Market RG550

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I have an incomplete MIJ Ibanez RG 550 (Jewel Blue) from 1989 (Headstock F 9XXXXX) to let go. This is ideal for someone who wants to assemble a beautiful Ibanez RG 550 with little blemish (from the early years) as a project at a cheaper price (I don't have the time to assemble this unfortunately) This guitar was only released in Japan or the Japanese Market in 1989 and this colour, was then released in 1990/91 to overseas market (see Ibanez RG 550 wiki). Condition is 9.5/10, mainly due to one tiny paint chip on the edge of the headstock. Body is totally unblemished. Guitar is still very glossy, the fret life is about 90% or more left and the neck is clean and straight as an arrow.

I am offering this superb condition guitar parts for SGD$400 (Firm). If Transaction can be completed by tonight 9pm (11th May 2014), I will let go these guitar parts for just SGD$250 (Firm). Do your calculation, if you buy the remaining parts and get the electronic would most probably cost SGD$250-$400 cheaper than when you get a full guitar from this era with this condition.

This sale include the RG 550 Body, The Maple neck (Original Wizard neck from the late 80's!) with the Tuner and neck standard bridge (to hold the neck locking nuts), The Body Pickguard, The 5 ways switch and the 3 original RG 550 PUs from 1989. New addtion: Im also now adding a Floyd Rose Floating Bridge from my old Ibanez RG 470 (condition 6/10 and the D Strings bridge lock need to be replaced - broken. Replacement can be bought at most guitar speciality shop)

Guitar Specifications

Body material: Basswood (Yes, included) Condition is 10/10 imho....unblemished.
Neck joint: Tilt Joint (Not included)
Bridge: Original Edge (Not included)
Hardware color: Black (Only Headstock Tuner and neck standard bridge to hold the neck locking nut)
Pickguard: Black (Yes, included)
Neck type: Wizard (Yes, included) Condition is 9.5/10 imho.....only very small paint chip at the corner of the headstock.
Neck material: 1-piece Maple (Yes, included)
Fingerboard: Maple
Inlays: Dots
Frets: 24 / Jumbo
PU Config: HSH
Neck PU: IBZ V1 (Vintage 1) (Yes included)
Mid PU: IBZ S1 (Single 1) (Yes - abit older looking)
Bridge PU: IBZ V2 (Vintage 2) (Yes, included)
Controls:1 Volume / 1 Tone / 5-Way Lever (Yes, included)
Input Jack Assembly (Not included)
Tone/Volume Knob and Pots (Not included)

Photos and previous selling thread (this was offered SGD$320 and then SGD$280, NOW its SGD$250 (Final offer price) till 9pm tonight!

More photos here MIJ Ibanez RG 550 JB Parts?sort=3&page=1

Ibanez RG550 Wiki :

Interested parties please contact me here thru PM. If my PM is full, please leave a comment here or at my visitors page. Transaction venue will be at Admiralty MRT Station Macdonalds. I will also be listing a few more guitars to sell as i have way too many. No trading and no reserve for this sale.

* I am a guitar collector who is very interested in collectable guitars from Japan Golden Age (1977-1985). These really collectable guitars have seen a raise in value, consistently for the last 5 years or more.
If ever no one takes it, can you give it at 200sgd?

It is a good project guitar but the cost is going to be quite high
Edge bridge would cost 350sgd + (if ever you can get it locally)
Electronics and set up (barrel type input jack, knobs and labour) 100sgd + or more including set up.
Hi, sorry i would rather keep it then :).....

For your info, check my Ibanez RG sales history.....I have also bought a few sets of used original edge floyd rose in superb condition locally, pricing from SGD$125-SGD$200 each. So just need to, on the constant lookout for bargains and there are bargains out there......Just as this sale, that im letting go for just SGD$250 if transaction can be completed by 9PM tonight.

Thanks for your interest!

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