SOLD WTS: Heir Audio 10-driver CIEM (Heir 10.A)

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Letting go of my 10.As, bought them slightly over a year ago from Treoo. Looking to sell with the Nocturnal Audio's Acrux 8-Conductor Silver Custom Cable. Sounds great, richer in detail as compared to the default magnus 1 cable but imo prefer the default cable as it's lighter in weight and playback.

Retail price for Heir 10.A: $1,900 at that time of purchase,$2,069 now. Nocturnal Audio Cable: $270

Letting it go at a good price due to need for re-shelling. (Re-shelling + ownership transfer is provided by Treoo)

Selling cable separately if the 10.As are bought with only the default Magnus 1 cable. (offer me best price)
Price listed is for everything (including the Heir Audio Magnus 1 cable which retails at $250+ if i remember correctly)

Both cables have been reterminated with 3.5mm Amphenol Straight (gold plated) jacks (not shown in pics cos just sent recently, wanna make sure they're in the best condition before selling because ethics is my 6th core value)

Selling for: $1,300 ONLY (SUPER LOW)
Please do not lowball it's already low enough. Contact me @ 94314173.
Can deal at your convenience, slightly urgent sale.

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