SOLD WTS: EarTech Music Triple Drive Custom In Ear Monitors

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I'm selling a used pair of EarTech Triple CIEMs for only SGD 100. Comes with stock cable, Pelican case and Dry Caddy disc (unopened/unused). The buyer would need to reshell the Triples, which can be done locally via Null Audio or Music Sanctuary. I have set the price low in acknowledgment of the reshell cost.

I bought these direct from EarTech in March 2017 at USD 400 and had them molded for my ears. I used them for approximately six months but I am selling as I have upgraded to a different IEM brand/model. The Triples are versatile and high quality entry-level CIEMs with a realistic/flat sound profile.

Condition: 9/10 (small chip on one of the shells but no damage to faceplate, cable or internal components)
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