WTS: G&G quality bass hardshell case (hardcase) black


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Want to sell G&G bass hardshell case (hardcase) for $150. These are really solid cases, and a brand new Fender one sells for around US$240. Mine is in good condition, and has black exterior and black interior, and looks like the ones in the links here (http://www.allparts.uk.com/products/guitar-case-black-hardshell-g-g-vintage-style-black-interior; http://www.musiciansfriend.com/accessories/fender-jazz-bass-hardshell-case)

This came with my previous Yamaha TRB bass, but I have sold the bass. The case has a small “Yamaha” metal tag on the side near the handle. The metal parts are slightly tarnished (but not rusty or corroded) and can shine again with a little Autosol polish I believe. Unfortunately I have lost the key to the case. Looking to sell this as I don’t travel with my bass and so I don't need a hardcase.

Please contact me at 9424-seven-37-zero if you are interested.