SOLD FREE - Used MONO Classic Bass Guitar Case, Black - Very heavily used, poor condition

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I have one heavily used / loved black MONO Classic Bass Guitar Case for FREE. Read carefully....

Used very very heavily for several years. The front pocket zipper is totally broken. The back is all scratched up by my cat. This case is very very beat up, for sure.
But, internally it is fine for storing guitars.

The case retails for $220 new and yes, I bought a new one:

It doesn't feel right to just throw this case in the garbage, so I am offering it for FREE to anyone that might have a use for it.
Maybe to just keep an extra guitar protected in storage, or whatever. The case works just fine, but it ain't pretty and not ideal for gigging anymore (not that there are any gigs happening yet). Good as a storage unit case, I think.

100% FREE and I am also willing to drive to you for free roadside, socially distanced delivery, island-wide. Just meet me outside.
Don't expect a pretty case, but you can't beat FREE!


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Thank you Micah! It was nice to meet you briefly today. All the best and I hope the item is useful to you.
Best Regards,
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