SOLD WTS: Fernandes FST-50 Strat (Stone Logo MIJ ) $500

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From the late 70s, Fernandes introduced their Stone Logo era (because the logo resembled the Japanese word for stone). They were produced by Tokai Gakki which used very good materials for this OEM contract. Not like the MIC Fernandes these days. Fernandes are also known for their vintage Burny Lee Paul copies.

Considering it’s almost 40 years old, it’s in great condition, just some buckle rashes and minor dings. Only adds to the vintage vibe.

Body is 3-piece white ash, competent tuners, made-in-japan STC tremolo block. Nice neck profile for Asian hands to wrap around and solidly built. Recently setup for low action with Elixir 10s and replaced with all 3 Gotoh pots, Fender MIM 5-way switch and input jack, added new springs to fix the tremolo - so it’s all good to rock! Original single bobbin pickups sound hot so at least for me, this axe plays and sounds better than MIMs and on a par with MIJ Fenders but with added 40-yr mojo!

The rear tone pot is wired to bridge pup instead of e middle pup, for more quack at e 4th position. Plus u get tone controls for e bridge pup which we all use to get that distortion bite. Much more useful than conventional Strat wiring!

Asking $500 only for such a vintage piece - deal at Punggol MRT after office hours please. PM me or on Carousell would be great! Just search for my post.

Bonus: Original user manual & replaced parts!!! Doesn’t come w tremolo arm when I got it -Thanks!!





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