SOLD WTS : Fender Strat & JHS Pedals

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Selling a Jimi Hendrix Strat and my pedals. Details as follows.

Guitar ($1100):

Fender Jimi Hendrix Strat (MIM). Pickups swapped out for Kinman woodstock set pickups. Giving you the real Jimi Hendrix tone without the hum. Original pickups will be provided. Setup by Wayne. Comes with original gigbag. If you know Kinman, you'll know the value you're getting.


- JHS Spring Tank Reverb ($150)
- JHS Lucky Cat Delay ($200)
- JHS Emperor Chorus Vibrato ($200)
- JHS Bonsai ($250)
- JHS Morning Glory V2 ($200)

Looking preferably to sell it as an entire set. Top up another $200 if you want a Yamaha THR10C (black) table amp. who knows, i might even give it for free if you're able to deal fast.

Great for intermediate players looking for a killer strat with a set of fun pedals.

whatsapp 91870265 for pictures / to deal.

Not interested in trades unless you have acoustics of similar total value. Thanks!
Not open for further replies.