WTS Compact CLEAN pedal platform: Ampeg GVT15 112 combo


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Hi all,

selling a near new Ampeg GVT15 112 combo. This is the original run, Korea version. Later production made in China models have been reported to have loads of reliability issues due to cost-cutting. So this is the amp you want from Ampeg.

So what is this amp all about? If you've always a compact clean pedal platform that is not EL84, then this is the amplifier for you.

This about the Fender '65 Princeton reverb reissue, but you have no time for the smaller 10" speaker, the flabby bass, nor the eye-watering price tag just because it says Fender on the front. This amp sounds pretty much like what you'd expect from an all-tube combo.

Some specs:
15 Watts all tube, with dual 6V6 output power tubes.
12" Eminence Texas Heat speaker, rated at 150watts, 8 ohms. You can crank this baby up and the speaker won't even break a sweat.
3-band EQ with Bandaxall midrange control.
2X 12AX7 pre-amp tubes.
Proper spring reverb. Sounds lush as heck, with plenty of drip and wetness you expect from actual reverb tank.
Effects Loop for your time or modulation effects.
1X 16 ohm, along with 2X 8 ohm and 2X 4 ohm speaker outputs. I've never seen so many speaker output options in one amp!

As mentioned earlier, this amplifier sounds and behaves like a hot-rodded Princeton reverb. It can go from lovely soft bedroom levels to gig-ready loudness with the highly efficient Texas heat speaker. The overdrive tones are far more musical compared to your typical Princeton drive sounds. That said, this amp does not want to distort: you have to crank the gain, crank the midrange control (the Bandaxall tone circuit means that more midrange also means more gain) before you're kind of in lower gain, crunchy territory.

Tl;Dr? It's a fantastic clean pedal platform that has some crunch if you're looking for it.

Asking $700 FIRM. Selling to clear space as I have too many amps for my own good.

No lowballers, jokers or time-wasters. Serious musicians and tone lovers do contact me at 9 eight 5 six 0 four 1 three. We can arrange an audition of this great amp, where you can bring your guitar and explore its tonal capabilities.