WTS:Brand New Tapco Link.MIDI 4x4 USB MIDI Interface


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USB-powered MIDI interface provides 64 MIDI channels and plug-and-play operation.
Link.MIDI 4x4 is an ultra-compact, multiport USB MIDI interface with plug and play connectivity to Mac or PC. Perfect for integrating external keyboards, sound modules, and control surfaces into computer-based live and recording setups where space and budget are restricted. Unique swivel-foot design for better desktop placement, and USB bus power offers added convenience and simplicity.

Not your average performer

Link MIDI 4x4 lets you connect up to four MIDI devices to your Mac or PC simultaneously. It features a bank of bright green MIDI activity LEDs so you can keep tabs on what's happening on each input/output. Push-button MIDI Thru functionality lets you synchronize several MIDI-enabled devices, or drive multiple sound modules from the same keyboard. Plus it's a cost-effective way for professionals to connect control surfaces for mouse-free, hands-on mixing, and plug-in tweaking of software workstations.

Compact and portable

All that functionality comes neatly packed in a compact case less than two inches high and eight inches long. Link.MIDI 4x4 tucks comfortably alongside your laptop when you're on the go, and connects with a single USB cable when you're ready to get to work. It's bus powered, drawing its juice from your laptop for work far away from the power grid. And with its unique swivel foot design, you can stand the Link.MIDI 4x4 on its side in tighter workspaces, and stow it quickly when it's time to split.

When performing, it's important to look your best

The Link.MIDI 4x4 interface's soft rubber side-cheeks will protect it from stray dings and keep it from sliding off your desk when you're plugging or unplugging your gear. Silver side rails protect your precious knobs from harm while in transit.
4x4 MIDI Input/Output
Convenient USB connectivity
MIDI Thru functionality
Front Panel MIDI activity indicators
Bus powered for extreme portability
Mac and PC compatible

(Brand New) one of the best easy to use sound connection to your Mac. Delivery door-to-door within 24 hours in Singapore. Limited stocks. Cash on delivery. Call Nine 8 five 8 eight 8 one 1.

$99 for quick sale.

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