SOLD Solid State Logic SSL2 24-bit Audio interface

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Solid State Logic SSL2 USB Audio Interface Features:

Legendary SSL sound for your home or portable studio2 class-leading microphone preamps Pristine 24-bit/192kHz AKM converters.

Solid build quality, with heavy-duty chassis, Neutrik connectors, and Alps potsIntuitive front panel design with easy-to-read meters
High-output headphone amp for accurate monitoring4K Legacy mode imparts 4000 series analog console sound

Includes 3-month subscription to SSL Complete, Auto-Tune Unlimited, and Arcade subscription by OutputBundled with Ableton Live Lite, Hybrid Keys, and Komplete StartSSL Native software bundle with Vocalstrip 2 and Drumstrip

1.5GB of samples from Loopcloud
AmpliTube SE for easy guitar/bass recordingCelemony Melodyne Essential offers industry-grade vocal editing

AAS Session bundle plug-ins provide a wealth of top-quality virtual instruments Loopback functionality combines multiple audio sources for livestreaming and content creation.

Full box set with receipt and warranty. Bought as spare unit in April this year.
Current retail price @$339.00
Sale price at $265.00

9799 zero five zero Four. WhatsApp
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