SOLD WTS: AMT Eletronics R1 (Mesa Boogie Pre amp) ~ 150

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Condition: NEW, no Velcro yet, with box and Russian Manual, just delivered today
Age: Less than 24 hours at the time this was posted
Reason for selling: I got the R2 version already about a week ago
ports: CAB sim out, Out
Made in: Russia


AMT Electronics Legend Amps R1:

The R1 Legend Amp Series pedal, one of most sought after high gain modern amplifiers now in pedal form, the Mesa Triple Rectifer*. Huge ultra modern distortion tone now able to fit on your crowded pedalboard. Sparkling tight chunky rhythm that will impress even the most demanding ears, and cutting powerful leads to make you stand out through any mix. If you're the player who likes your gain on 10, then this one goes to 11+.

retail price in singapore: 195 SGD
ebay price: 160+ plus shipping

Selling for 150 fixed, no trades

opened to test, all working,

SMS 81023484, deal my convenience price fixed


also selling TC electronic Rotweiller and corona chorus
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