WTS or WTT my pedals for AMT Electronics SS30, Boss ME50/70, Tremol-NO


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selling Price is FIRM. Looking for trades only for AMT Electronics SS-30, Boss ME-50/ME-70, Tremol-No(small PIN type). In very good condition, lightly used, never gigged, some are NEW.

AMT Electronics Legend AMPs 2 R2 -
- Low to High Gain Distortion
- Amp like Distortion modeled after Mesa Boogie Rectifier
- Made in Russia
170$ (retails $270 in SG)

TC Electronics Röttweiler Distortion
- High Gain Distortion

Korg 104ds HyperDistortion (Discontinued)
- 2 channel Distortion (from low to high gain distortion)
- with Cabinet Resonator (gives you more tonal variety)

Dr. Scientist The Elements (new)
- from Clean Boost to very High Gain distortion
- Made in Canada(boutique)
-299$ (retails 399$ in SG)

Jack Deville Mod ZERO
- brings flanging, chorusing, rotary-speaker, and vibrato effects together in a single box
- not built for high output pickups
- US Made(boutique)

MXR Black Label Chorus
- 100$

MythFX Triton
- Chorus, Flanger, Tremolo, Phaser, reverb pedal
- 250$
- US made(boutique)

TC Electronic Corona Chorus
- 150$

Boss DD3

AMT Reverberry (Brand New)
- Made in Russia

SMS 81023484