WTS a bunch of rare/cheap pedals


1. Ibanez WH10V2: $99
The WH10V2 Classic Reissue Wah features the same multiple-feedback op-amp circuit as the original, a feature rarely found in today's wah pedals. Bass/Gtr switch optimizes for either instrument, while a depth knob controls the level of the wah effect and a dry out lets you mix your dry signal with the wah sound. The WH10V2 has a unique tonal character that sets it apart from traditional wah pedals, as well as some modern tweaks so your sound can keep with the times.
No box

2. Boss SD-1: $69
The SD-1 Super OverDrive pedal produces the warm, natural distortion of an overdriven tube amplifier while maintaining the subtle nuances of a player's picking technique. This is one of BOSS' more subtle and smooth overdrive pedals, perfect for blues and rock.

3.DOD FX 51 Juicebox 90s made in USA: $50
The FX51 Juice Box is designed to add the right amount of distortion to a guitar when it is already running into a distorted amplifier. By slightly distorting the amp and kicking the FX51 on during during solos or extra distorted songs, the FX51 adds more character and "juice" without becoming too harsh. The FX51's harmonics stand out, and EQ lets you achieve many different tones that you could only get with two distortions. From tube-like scream to rock-a-billy twang, it's all there.
4. DOD Digitech FX100 Integrated Tube Even Harmonic Overdrive Made in USA. Rare!

5. DOD FX-100 Integrated Tube Even Harmonic Overdrive Rare! $109
The FX100 Integrated Tube Even Harmonic Overdrive was introduced at Summer NAMM 1996, along with the FX101 Grind distortion pedal. Sharing the same circuitboard as the FX101, the FX100 was voiced to emulate Marshall tube distortion, but compared to the FX101 it is closer to an overdrive rather than a distortion pedal. In a first for DOD, the FX100 and FX101 also included a speaker emulator output jack, for plugging directly into a mixing board or a recorder. Although the FX100 was well-received, it was discontinued in 1998 as DOD revised their effects pedal lineup.

Line 6 ToneCore Tap Tremolo Pedal: $99
Use the Line 6 ToneCore Tap Tremolo guitar pedal with adjustable Dynamic Speed, Peak Setting, Depth, and Shape controls to chop, slice, and dice like no other. Choose from Opto Tremolo, Bias Tremolo, or Stereo Panning models. Stereo ins and outs.Tap tempo trem in a boss sized pedal + affordable price. Sounds great too. Very solid enclosure that can withstand the toughest player.

6. Legacy FL-100 Flanger: $49
Great sounding and affordable, based on the boss flanger. All the tone but half the price.

Every pedal is in mint condition and has box unless otherwise stated. No trades please.. For those that want more than 1 or the whole lot I'm happy to work out a good deal!

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