WTS: $580 Yamaha 5piece drumset with Zildjian cymbals


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Selling a Yamaha 5-piece drumset with Zildjian cymbals and freebies.

Yamaha ROCK 'N' ROAD drumset:
-Snare Drum 14"
-Tom1 12"
-Tom2 13"
-Floor Tom 16"
-Kick Drum 22"
-Zildjian ZXT 16" Medium Thin Crash cymbal with stand
-Zildjian ZXT 14" Hihat cymbals with stand

Upgrades done:
-Foot-free quick-release lever drop clutch for hihats
-Chain-drive kick pedal.
-Toms are changed to Remo Ebony Pinstripe drum heads.
-Snare is changed to Evans Black Hydraulic drum head.

Condition (7.5/10)
Normal oxidisation and rust on lugs and screws, but nothing affects playability. Used only at home for personal practice. Selling because changing to digital set. Female user. Drum used but not abused. Many photos attached for your reference.

Going at $580, first come first serve. Throwing in silent practice pads, damping pillow for kickdrum and O-rings FREE! Soft forum users get free pair of drumsticks too.

Add-Ons (Optional):
-Add a basic drum seat for $20.
-Add a Zildjian ZXT 20" Ride cymbal and its stand for $100.

Viewing & Collection:
Self-collect on weekday nights or weekends at 266 Punggol Way. I have trolley to help you move to void deck or carpark, but unable to deliver for you.

Same posting here with more pics:

Payment mode:
Can deal by cash or PayLah/PayNow.


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