WTS 1978 Fender Telecaster Vintage USA


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This is a well worn out but great feel and monstrous tone ash bodied 1978 Fender Telecaster.

Has had a refret to medium jumbos, a new nut, and a perfect setup; so she plays very smoothly and has a tone to kill for! The action is low and comfortable.

The finish on the front was probably sanded partially by the previous owner and polished. As a result, the front part is now very smooth.The finish on the back and the rest of the body appears to be in original patina condition.

The neck has had a layer of clear coat sprayed over by the previous owner; presumably after the refret was done.

Other highlights:

1. All the tuners are stock with exception of one (the gear has been changed out to new Fender reproduction; however, the cover is original). Another original tuner's string shaft at one end is broken but is able to hold the string in a stable manner therefore I left it on. The winder on this particular one is also a little loose but kept snug now. Overall there are no issues with tuning with current setup. However, a set of new Fender reproduction tuners is provided together with this sale in case of any emergencies later on.

The tone of this Telecaster is warm with clarity on the neck and middle settings. On the bridge pickup setting, she stings and twangs like how a good ol' Telecaster ought to sound like. The sustain on this guitar is pretty evident too.

Weighs in at approximately 3.9kg on my luggage digital scale.

Comes in a soft shell gig bag (hard case shown in photo for illustration only).

Kindly PM if interested. Thank you.


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