WTB- Roland TD-30KV V-Pro Series Electronic Drum Kit


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Hello there. Serious buyer over here. I would want to buy a Roland TD-30KV but swee lee's pricing sells for like 10k. its abit too overprice for me now. So I've been decide to see if theres any Roland TD-30KV second hand maybe 1 year to 1 and half month old with cheaper price? Interested seller please PM or reply me. you can PM my gmail zacksee933@gmail.com too ;)
What's your rough budget?

Hello burpie. my budget would be around 7 to 8k and also depends on the condition of the drum set, if its like new I also can price even priced higher say 8.5k? I would say sweelee's td-30kv is really too overpriced. I can take a 8.4k(not including shipping fees) first hand from Canada to Singapore .But having another 800$ shipping fee I would think not worth it so I would give it a try here :). Heres an example from ebay for the pricing list http://www.ebay.com.sg/itm/Roland-T...637754?hash=item3d2ddfa9ba:g:kDkAAOSwiYFXJRnN .Awaiting your responds if you are keen!