Would you go for EFX AMP or NON EFX AMP?????


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For a practice amp of 10w to 15w -- MAINLY HOME USE.

Lets put price aside.

Would you rather go for an amp with NON EFX or WITH
EFX with it?? Why??

In your opinion, which will sound much better(hope this
dont sound too dump), a separate effects or the
Amp with Effects with it??

Normally, how much will those separate effects like
flander, wah wah sound cost though??

//Would you rather go for an amp with NON EFX or WITH
EFX with it?? Why??

One with no other effects other than Overdrive/Distortion and Reverb. Cause I have my own pedal effects.

//In your opinion, which will sound much better..


// Normally, how much will those separate effects like
flanger, wah wah sound cost though??

Maybe 60-200+ for each pedal firsthand? That's a rough gauge for the more popular ones.
For low cost entry level practice amps, the difference will be negligible IMHO.

Personally for that money and that level ($1-$200) I'd get effects onboard.

This sort of arrangement will make a difference for higher end amps and effects.
get a 2nd hand cheap "normal" amp(depends indivdual),
then get a DS-1.....

At low budget, i think that shld solve it....
guitar amp with efx

lets put it this way... u get a guitar amp with built in efx for an investment for home practice... usually all guitar amps comes with a distortion... see what efx you like in it n from there you could build your own efx chain with the efx that you like. pretty simple... but it takes time n lots of practice...

but if you already know what sound u want.. i strongly disagree on buying digital efx amps... cause the sounds that they produce or try to replicate ends up being overly compressed or digitized in a way... unless u like that kinda sound... ala line 6 digital amps... not to offence ppl who like it but yea.... its either to muddy or trebley
hey dampsoul, i agree with you... i kinda hate the digital sound some amps or effecters give you...
Re: guitar amp with efx

So, your take would be, get a basic CLEAN and OVERDRIVE amp. Once, mastered enough skills and know exactly what i like, by then, get those effects separately....

Ok. I do see your rational here. :smt115

dampsoul said:
but if you already know what sound u want.. i strongly disagree on buying digital efx amps...
well...if you have a effects amp....after playing for some time..
you realise when you are out jamming, live gig, how are you going to have those effects unless you bring your own amp there.

i had a effects amp. It was fun at first, as i don't have to buy any pedal, so i bought the pedals for live and hence my effects amp came to no use after that. yeah

i've a zoom fire-30 modeling amp for sale, drop me a PM if you're interested. :)
haha. uoi might wanna consider these few amps... the peavy blazer 158, my most recomanded...really nice clean sound, and clean distortion too... other than clean distortion the rest is really great... marshall MG-15, or the mini stack, either you like it or you dont... the KUSTOM 15 tube amp, never tried one, but i heard the sound when plugged into a squire telecaster... it didn't sound bad at all...
if u have the money to get one efx, then by all means, usually cheaper than having all the pedals one by one. however i feel that having OD or DS on the amp will do enough. gives u more time before u get urself a distortion pedal.
how about smarvo?
it's really budget.
however when u need effects, yeah u gotta get one pedal.

mayb get a cheap multi effects and explore all the different stuff in there first.
the smarvo 40 watts sounds quite good, i tested one at parklane, think its at the basement, guys there are real friendly...
you should invest in an amp that you like to hear, makes you enjoy playing & won't cost you a bomb regardless if there's an on-board FX offering/ tubes/ whatever.