Would you be interested in Songwriting Course?


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I am thinking of bringing in an established songwriter from Australia to do the following workshops:

Beginner's 1-Day Course: concise, entertaining, informative intro to songwriting - includes theory and practical

Advanced 2-Day Course: how to make good songs great, chance to bring own songs to be developed in workshop, chance to co-write with the songwriter

The songwriter has over 500 of his songs recorded worldwide and also has been a professional singer, guitarist and record producer for nearly 30 years.

Would you be interested in the workshops and what do you think is a fair amount to pay for both these workshops? (please take note that I would have to pay for his airfare, accommodation, venue, his fees, etc)

Would really like your feedback on this.


as said depends on the price,
$200-250 for the adv day2 course would be a fair fee.

book stores are filled with songwriting books,
does this workshop make any difference?

Myself started writing songs and tunes since my teens,
so I always believe songwriting is a craft and can be self learn;
of course one needs some music flair.
below 100 to 150 bucks would be nice...
Too high course fees many ppl may not be going...
Best is also have lyrics course...
i personally dont believe that songwriting need to be taught (it comes naturally when you learn about music). The best lessons are listening to musicians who inspire you, because their influence is the teaching tool.

same goes for singing, although many would disagree especially those who take up mando-pop singing lessons :roll:
I believe commercial songwriting can be taught - presenting your songs in a format that is suitable for radio. Pls don't flame me on this ;).
I would put it another way - songwriting need not be taught, but music theory, every budding songwriter should at least know a bit.

i too, believe the art of song writing is not just about inspiration, especially if ure working comercially, u got to learn all sorts of theory and techniques to bring out certain mood or such. for example doing an orchestration, without the knowledge of theory it is impossible. However for songs like pop and stuff, i agree that somethings need not be taught, and can be learnt by just hearing, thats why so many people are able to come up with their own songs...
when will he be coming down?

I would like to attend but have to depend on the cost..For me I'm not willing to spend more than 60 actually..

And also depending on the time..