wood for eletrical guitar


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hey guys, ask u all sth... i tink i gonna buy a new eletrical guitar, most prob les paul, the epiphone 1, nt gibson ( nt that rich)... but i heard that right its like though is the same model n the same brand, u can have different kind of wood for the guit body, n thus diff kinda quality for guitar.... anyway is this juz some urban legend or is it true?
not quality.. it's more of tonal preference.. IN MY OPINION.. single coils really go well with alder.. humbuckers on basswood and mahogany.. alder gives quite a bright tone.. trebly.. basswood compliment alot of lows.. and i feel mahogany really brings out lows too.. u use really good pickups with mahogany.. really can sound super heavy...

btw.. mahogany the word.. got maho innit! MAHO!!!!!!!!!!!! i want more beck. :(
i think the main part of difference btw gibson and epiphone is the QC. Individual attention is placed on each Gibson guitar at each manufacturing stage, as compared to Epiphone, which the QC is less stringent. (supposedly anyway.)

And of course, the parts selected are better for Gibson than Epiphone, from tuners to origins of the wood used. Some extremely high quality wood will certainly have that little extra sustain for your guitar.

But having said all this, you just need to try out the guitar. Sometimes, it's that single Epiphone that's magical and has that oomph. :)
From what I know, the body of epiphone les pauls are made from EITHER alder or mahagony. But I dunno how to check... haha. Anybody? :oops:
Really, there isn't any real true way to check, especially since these guitars usually have solid finishes over them. Even if it were natural finish it'd still be very tough. I guess, if you have got that really acute hearing, you might be able to pick out those subtle tonal differences, most of the time we miss those. Other than that, most people usually just ask the salesperson or check a catalog/magazine to find out what woods are in the guitar.
well... i believe that the diff between mahogany n alder is the weight of the wood... compare a an average les paul that is made of mahogany to a fender strat thats uauslly made of alder... which is heavier?

the les paul right? cuz its made of mahogany... thats y if u want a guitar to like sound really thick n bass u should get basswood or mahogany.... but u really have to not mind the weight cuz it can really be very very irritating if u wanna carry it ard to gig n stuff... n i noe it first hand wads it like to have a heavy guitar....

well its tone vs weight... tink abt it :)
skali they use plywood on genuine gibbys.. and din even say in mags, catalogs, or anyone hahahahiohosah
Vaiyen said:
I don't like playing a guitar that's light. Makes it feel very 'cheap'.

+1. It feels as though it wun last, not as well build/solid as something heavy. If i drop my les paul, i wun be that scared that it might disintegrate.
But for a light one, i'll fear.
wooh... i have the opposite fear from u man... haha... i'm afraid i'll break my RG if i drop it... n believe me my RG is slightly lighter then a Les Paul.. hahaha....
depends on your preference la. If you want to twirl the guitar around your body and throw it in the air like malmsteen, then you obviously can't use a heavy one.
my guitar cheap cheap one loh. But heavier than some guitars. I felt my friend's SA120, so bloody light......but more expensive leh....
i dun think weight equates quality leh. don't know about the electric guitar, but the classical and acoustics expensive ones can be very the light.