who makes the best LES PAUL copy ?


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hi guys........

my very first post here...i try not to upset the status quo here

the gibson is a very much imitated guitar.so what do u think are the better copies of it?(aria? tokai?hamer? dean?)

esp the lawsuit model of the early seveties when the almost reproduced the dimensions to the very details!!

any recommendation for a good qualtiy LP copy?

are aria lp copy(pre 75) any good?
Hello! Welcome to the fold…

It’s pretty tough these days trying to hunt for an LP clone- exact replication + tone to boot. Even Epiphone (Gibson’s licensed copier) can’t meet up the correct specs, so the units look like the real McCoy, but playability & tone-wise, they remain detached. Realistically, it’s a little too much to ask for a carbon copy, blame it on extinct resources to a certain extent.

I’ve read rad reviews on the Tokai copies, sadly, these aren’t readily available here for auditions. Next up would be from the Epi range but as above-mentioned, do not expect the Gibson playability & tone with the technology implemented, not to mention the budget invested.

Personally, I’d move away from copies & invest in an LP-type model. These are IMO conceived with more independent implementations so they sound unique (not to mention BETTER than the real thing) as they aren’t bent on an exact repro. I’d personally choose from the PRS SE & ESP/ LTD offerings. These are safe investments.

Occasionally, a good ‘80s/ pre-80s ARIA would pop up but the quality of these guitars don’t do justice to keep them playable over time. (My dad’s SG-type ARIA is relegated to a décor status due to its incurable warped neck).

Bottom line: before your bold move to part with your cash, audition as many as you can & trust your instincts…

so true.....

here are some pics similar to the one i have........ala a black beauty..


well,as long its play fine,smell fine,looks fine.its good for me.......

i read thru the harmony central reviews for it and its pretty good....i am keeping my fingers crossed for the neck though