Which pedal goes 1st?


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hey guys,

im quite a noob at this.
please help me out with ur advice.

currently i have a seymour duncan pickup booster, a coolcat transparent od and a version 4 ocd in my pedalboard.
so which pedal goes 1st?

ur advice is greatly appreciated.thanx!
Up to you on how you intend to use them and stack it up.
I would place TOD, OCD, PB in that order but that is just me.
note from SD

For Resonance Switch to work properly, the SFX-01 must be first in the signal chain using passive pickups and a standard guitar cable.
usually i would place the PB 1st in the chain for some clean boost.
thing is im not sure wat goes after that. the TOD 1st or OCD 1st?

wen i put the tod 1st and wen i activate tod and ocd together it gives more of a gain boost.

and wen i place the tod after the ocd, it gives more of volume boost but somehow the gain
is compromised. your thoughts?

That's how the pickups booster works huh? I suppose it's true since it needs to 'see' the pickups impedance for it to function well, but technically clean boosts are usually AFTER dirts to provide a jump in volume.

Whether TOD first or OCD first depends on WHICH inherent drive you'd rather use as your main body. If you prefer the overall TOD sound than by all means place it last, if you prefer the OCD then place it last. I prefer to place my highest gain pedals at the back of the chain (like your OCD) since I find that feeding a high gain into a low gain pedal has that 'starving' effect on the tone. Just doesn't seem natural to me. But what do I know, I'm a fuzz guy!