Which modulation effect?


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Hey all, I'm a rookie looking for some tips

I play mostly Alternative & Progressive Rock, sometimes I play a little bit of Maths Rock and Metalcore too

I'm currently looking for a modulation effect that would give a 'signature sound' to my band's genre, especially for the lead guitar section

Can anyone give me suggestions?

I'm thinking of buying a Phaser or Tremolo pedal, but should I go with Pitch Shifting and Harmonist instead?

Thanks for the help :D
If you want a unique sound then go for a ring modulator! Jokes aside.. Phaser or flange would be the most useful for me in those genres.
Harmonist is nice, but costs too much for me :p

since I am only interested in the harmonist function, and not in the pitch shifting and bending part, but will consider it anyway

and I don't really like Flanger, still think Phaser is cooler!! :D