Which guitar polish is good?


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A trip to yamaha music plaza saw a few guitar polishes: yamaha, ghs, jim dunlop, d'andrea.

I've tried jim dunlop formula 65 guitar polish & cleaner and was quite disappointed cos its jus like using plain water. Difficult to wipe off & leaves water marks & no gloss. After using suface feels dry not smooth like wax.

Any recommendation for a good guitar polish?
haha... sorry to hear that about the Dunlop 65. Btw.. i swear by them. They're really nice and non-abrasive guitar polish. Very mild but gets the job done. I've used them with all my guitars. I won't say its the best guitar polish out there, but yah.. works for me. it'll be helpful to use a cloth and polish it in a circular motion. btw, i've heard bad stories on polishes being to abrasive and destroying finishes.
i swear by jim dunlop polish too. cleans really well. maybe u gotta buff after cleaning to get de shine out. works fine with a soft flannel cloth.
Planet waves have some polish as well... i am quite facinated by the mirror glaze thingy... its in a form of a paste just like Snarling Dogs revial cream... not bad for vintage
steel wool is fine, grade 00000 that is... however, when you're using steel wool remember to tape up all the places that u don't want to polish (sand off). e.g. the fretboard, when you're polishing the frets. or masking tape. A lot of peeps out there forget to tape the pickups which is damn important! I've seen this poor chap get all the steel wool stuck on the pickups (magnetized) and yah.. i dunno how it'll affect tone but it definately looks yucky to me.
Apart from Dunlop 65 and Turtle Wax.

Any other good products out there,
that is good for cleaning electric
guitar metal like
4) Guitar Case Metal - Hinge

Is GHS Boomer a good product?
Where can you get autosol?

Hardware store or just any guitar shop?

Someone says Brasso will do the magic but
has to be careful though. Else its going to
make more harm than good. :)
DO NOT use WD-40. It will remove the protective layer. I know coz I used it to clean my M-16 rifle last time and got into trouble. :D Cleans really fast though. I'm not so sure abt autosol.
I am using the GHS polish - think it's quite good.

lol ippier you see how they clean rifles at armoury you will cry man .... they just dip the whole rifle, in parts, into a tank of diesel.. and then come out wipe wipe abit..super clean liaoz.

the oil and featherlite is complete bullshit. waste time only..

WD40 works on protecting my guitar's metal parts eg strings, saddles.... no problems thus far for me.

for rifles i think its cus WD40 is flamable and during range might turn your humble m16 into a mighty flamethrower. Not to mention chamber explosion etc...