Which firewire audio interface?


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Decided to get a firewire audio interface and I have these 2 models in mind. the Presonus Firebox and the M-audio Solo. Anyone here using any of these? User opinions please.
Thanks for the reply.

iansoh, may I know where you got the ESI quatafire and how much it costs?

Horn, thanx for the recommendation. But I think thats a little out of my budget. Besides dun really need that many I/Os.
Hi lunarsoul,
City music use to sell quarter fire 610, but they stop selling this esi unit. I have a friend who wants to sell the 610, whats your budget. ASAP as he`s going abroad for a gig.
lunarsoul, i got mine from a friend who bought it from a shop called Jaben. website is www.jaben.net

they've got a shop space at adelphi, top floor. the last time i was there looking to buy a new PC, i was quoted 620 for the unit. i bought it off my friend for less than that though.

if u wanna buy brand new you can go to the shop and look for Wilson. nice and friendly, good service too.

anyway, it's got even more I/Os than the m-audio...
Hi Horn,

Might be able to squeeze a little more for the M-audio FW410 afterall :) . Its better suited to my needs compared to the Firebox. Need the simultaneous multiple outs which the Firebox lacks.

But I've heard that some users have some really nasty problems with the driver :( . Think I'll do a little more research on that issue before deciding.

Perhaps you'd like to share with us your system configuration and user experience with the 410? If its not too much trouble, that is.
Hi lunarsoul,
I`m using the 410 with the Tascam us428 with sonar 3.11 with win xp sp1
no problems with the drivers you can download the latest drivers at the m audio website ( P4 2.8, 1gig ddr ) Just follow the istallation setup can`t go wrong. Install the drivers first before you turn on the 410, all be fine.
You may want to consider Echo Audiofire8. Although I don't own the firewire, my experience with Echo's products is that they are extremely stable (in terms of drivers), great tech support, and extremely low latency.

Thanks for sharing info on your setup. Hopefully I won't encounter problems on mine.


Thank for your recommendation. But I think I've pretty much stretch my budget to the max for the FW 410. I believe that the Echo Audiofire8 costs much more?
If you can stretch to $700 you could get the Focusrite Saffire from Team 108.

Onboard DSP so you can pull up a nice headphone mix using reverb and compression for tracking without sucking up system resources

And it's got focusrite mic pres built in!!..of course!!
I'm using a presonus firepod. I think it's the only interface on the market which packs 8 combo mic preamps without going into ADAT based systems...