Which fingers do u use to do bendin'?

all fingers. hahaha..

but love to use the pinky sometimes.. but usually is the ring with index holding like a barre chord.

but using index to bend 2 frets or 2 half frets... woohooooo you feel the paaaaainnnn.. which is good.

Guys, try bending with your fingers (not your finger tips) for double stops..

dunnoe how to explain it, like erm.. use the underside of your ring fingers, grab the guitars and bend 2 or 2 half frets... the feeling is lovely.. I mean PAIN Lar.. hahah
usually my middle and ring together, more control. but sometimes the index joined in for more than a whole tone bend.
sometimes i bend with three fingers...then i can bend and release and then bend again and release again fast...
BlackMoo said:
Erm, all my fingers together?
yeah depends on the adjecent notes of the bending note... if its convenient, i'd use all of my fingers infront of the 1 i am bedning

eg if i use ring, i'd support it with my middle and index, if its middle i'd use my index to support...

if u do this, u'd be able to bend strings easier... esp light guage ones which is heavier then the extra light i am using now...

i guess i'm used to this cuz i always bend on my acoustic and its teribly tiring if i only use 1 finger...

but if its not convient, or if i only wanna bend half step, i'd use only 1 finger...