Which band do u softies play for?


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Hey guys, i'm not sure if there is a similar thread but what band(s) do u guys play for? so we know who is who from where... haha!

hey ho let`s go!!!!!!!

hey dude...i`m the bassist for GLITCHED...BLEED...n BONETOAD... :lol: :lol:

haha.. Switch Avenue and Monday's Glory. Bet u guys had never heard of these two bands..
Mr_X said:
i think switch avenue was on newspaper wasn't it?

aiya that's a boohoo article for sch of rock only. haha.. we got kick out within a min during the audition.. best.
hey ho let`s go!!!!!!

aiyah....Mr. Aging Youth.....he never share one...
everytime he steals a pack...he`ll sit a corner...n drink to himself.....
not fair leh/..... :cry: :cry: