where to practise drum?


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Hey this is mu first time to be here~
SOFT is soooo gooooood!!
I wonder where I can find I drum to practice and learn...because I can't have my own drum....Thanks~~~
you can go to any jaming studio. if you use it during the afternoon, ask them if they can charge you cheaper. maybe lesser than $10 per hour.

where about are you on this little island? we can recommend the studio that is more convinent for you.
You can perhaps try Guitar 77 studio at Excelsior. Only $10 per hour on weekdays 9am to 6pm if you're only practising drums by yourself.

Check out the Rehearsal Studio link.

Hope this helps! :)
Wow~Thanks~~heh heh
I am living near Queensway...And actually I am not quite good at playing Drum...
But I don't know why I become so excited when I see drums....kkk
Can come to my house and jam la...I got Roland kit. Quite Quiet. Hey say that lotsa times and fast. Quite quiet, quite quiet, quite quiet. I'll not charge. Only if you can iron my colthes and clean my room :) :lol:
just to add another question..

are these studios more or less private? because i want to teach my friend drums but she's embarassed about ppl looking in. also, are there by any chance somewhere that has 2 drumsets? (just to try my luck)

maybe you could try tony zee's room at swee lee sims drive? i dunno if they'd open it, but you could try, just earlier, like in the morning.
yea man boon's kinda private, especially the smallest room. i usually practise there on fridays like 2-2.30pm, when he just opened and theres nobody around. (PS:this is the studio which is facing the main road, run by boon himself, not the other one at the back)