where to get cheap pickguard, bridge, tuners, knots etc . .


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where to get reasonally priced pickguard? original fender pickguard is so x, 50+ for tat piece of plastic is really over shot. how about bridge pricing? does brigde cost alot? looking for a gold one, yeah tuners too. and aged pickup covers and knots.

can anyone estimated hwo much should i bring for those stuff?

pearloid pickguard
3 x aged pickups cover
3 x aged knots
gold tuners
gold bridge
gold cover for the area where u plug in the wire?
Re: where to get cheap pickguard, bridge, tuners, knots etc

I assumed it's fender stuff. Original, you will spend more than $300.
You might want to check out guitar connection or even davis.

They've got a ton of spare parts there!

Good luck.

Remember to post pics of the finished product! ;)
if i'm not wrong, novelty bookstore at parklane sells pickguards at about $30+

not sure if they will fit, but give it a shot since ur own a budget!
icic thx for the info will take alook out.

anyway is there anyway to make my knobs and covers look aged/yellowish?
not sure if you took into consideration, but gold plated metal parts will fade with usage. You might want to consider that when buying them...
my fren's samick artist series with gold hardware rusts more easily than his fender tele/former epiphone les paul with chrome hardware...
word of advice: If it's original fender -dont go for cheap stuff - they usually dont fit & you end up wasting $$$ - I KENA SO MANY TYMES B4... get the original fender parts from Davis or from the net. Pick guard mite not fit - leaving gaps & holes wont align, neck pocket wont align, bridge is 1.2mm smaller per saddle from org fender bridge - wont fit either & sustain block is thinner - lacks tone & sustain.

lotsa sites out there selling fender parts even chepaer than what we get here in SG BUT inconvinient for those w/o credit card to order...

last resort - sell me your fender cheap-cheap lay? How?,,,hahahaha... :lol: 8)