Whats your musical approach when soloing?


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I posted here because the How to Guitar thread might make it seem like i'm only talking to the guitarists or stringed instruments people.

From long ago, I heard some people say things like Chordal approach or Melodic approach etc. Then some people came up with names like Linear approach and Emotional approach. Wah....

Whats the first thing that comes to your mind when you are 3 bars away from your solo spot? :D

Personally i think of whether i can play slowly or not haha. What about you?
ha..i'm a guitarist..hope it counts..for me..i'll be thinking whether to play in some of my cliched pentatonic licks or play in modes, which will be much more exciting..then i'll think of phrasing..agonising bend? or quick runs? haha so much to think about..best just let loose..
3notesAbar said:
Whats the first thing that comes to your mind when you are 3 bars away from your solo spot? :D
Personally i think of whether i can play slowly or not haha. What about you?

i will be freezing. lol. i am hopeless in improvising!
i would use the emotional approach....

when u're playing a sad song , juz imagine u're one really really sad person and soon ideas will start running thru ur mind and who knows , u could be getting ideas and playing ur instrument at the same time... :lol:
Yeah. But as a bassist i'm kinda shallow leh. I just play the four notes i know in selected SCALES and hope it sounds like a solo!
try playing the 4 notes u know from selected SCALES of different octaves apart....

this gives u more choice of sounds....
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actually another term for emotional approach would be JUST WHACK LAH!!!!!!! :p

LOL i do that to. So long as its along with the key, then it's alright :wink:

hahaha...when you are musical, you whack, your listeners can still enjoy.
but when you are not musical... :oops: you wouldn't want to torture them too much eh? :cry:
For drumming I just review what kind of filling in and solo I wanna do in my head...but sometimes just makes me nervous.
If you are worried about what to do and panic when you know your solo is coming up in 10 seconds you have to remember that soloing does not necessarily equal 'improvising'.

It is perfectly valid to pre-plan a solo, or at least to have some 'stock' phrases that you can rely on to start off your break, throw in someplace in the middle and end on. This can take away some of the stress.

This is a very common rock approach, used by people like Clapton, Page and so on and is used widely in jazz where the main melody or a theme from the number is used as a launching point to start improvising.
I always keep this mind set in mind

Improvising is like creating a masterpiece painting

Scale is the canvas

Chords as the colours

Phrasing as what defines the shape of your painting

enjoy painting!!

Frozen said:
Well, there are also ppl who go, "omg, omg, omg, omg, omg, omg, omg" (then screw up the solo).
hehe. better than keep dead quiet, and everyone looks at you right? :oops: i have played a solo part before and got everyone in my group a little stressed up because the chords that i ended with sounded like i was going to go on for another round, and of course i didn't realise it then, being in a semi state of shock already! 8O
Erm...whacking is my common approach...there's only 12 notes in a scale..how wrong can we go? hahaha :wink:
But Vaisms never wack leh, damn pro one, esp when he shreds. i witnessed b4, in 1998 (i think) in a pub call moods, on his Ibanez JPM!...hehe... fantastic man!