what's your concept of groove?

Makes U stun for 10mins...

Saliva drooling down and without U knowing it, ur hands and feets starts to tap the beat. 8O


Its like speaking I suppose.

When you learn drums, all the individual elements ; snare tom cymbals, are like alphabets. Like in kindergarten.

Then when you learn you alphabets well enough, you learn how to spell words....

When you use these words form a sentence, you make a groove. And I suppose a snare roll came from a stuttering person HAHAHAHAHAAHA
Groove -
Audience perspective is to suddenly moving to the beat without realising and looking at each other smiling....

Musicians perspective is to be able to do wonders when 'locked in', especially drummer with the bassist.....kindda go with the flow and not forgetting, giving facial expressions that wanna make someone comes up to you and give a smack on the face.... hahahah
as what Victor Wooten and Carter Beauford says. itz sumthing very simple..which u slowly add into and make it sound wonderful. always start simple..den u add more complicated stuff if needed
yea i saw that video too. i don't care what grooves are... to me they are similar to funk or maybe they ARE funk. well i don't know..but grooves and funk make me ..shake and grooove to da beat..

interesting to know how different pple perceive groove.

personally, i see groove as one of the principles of music; a particular rhythm that has pockets to be filled, and if filled inappropriately it will obviously sound wrong, even to the layman, and when filled tastefully will display dynamics and form a GROOVE.

and everyone appreciates groove, be it the layman or even the musical idiot (which some might proclaim themselves to be, coz being reactive to groove is innate).

0.2 cents.