What stand and pop filter for my Rode condensor?


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Just got myself a Rode NT2, 1st condensor for me. It has the shockmount and wind filter so now I´m looking for a stand and pop shield for it. What stands do you use for your condensor mic? What filter? I thought of making my own pop shield with wire hangar and ladies stockings to save money cos those things cost a bomb!

Any help at all is appreciated. Thanx

p/s anyone had a NT2, what preamp do you use?
the seadman filters are prolly the best ones but expensive. the DIY pantyhose filter still is the best. 4 bucks.

as for stands, i dont know much abt the brands you can find here, but i guess getting a heavy, metal, sturdy looking stand would prolly be better then a light, aluminium-plastic thingy. there is one brand i see around here is K&M or something. horrible things.

have fun with the mic!
Thanx for the info, yes i did check out the stedman filters at hung bros. There´s a new all metal version that ´redirects´ any air downwards so your mic doesnt pick up any plosives and whatnot. Still, $100+ bucks is a lot to pay for a little round piece of metal! Might get it eventually tho
exactly. I just dug out an old wire hangar and in d process of working up d courage to ask my fiancee for some old panty hose hehe hope she doesn´t think I´ve gone ´the other side´.