Looking for guitarist, bassist (and maybe keyboardist) for pop/punk/alt rock band


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Hi all,

I'm planning on starting a side pop/punk/alt rock band. I'm a drummer and i have a guitarist who is also interested. Looking for another guitarist and bassist. Keyboardist is optional but i feel a keyboardist can definitely bring an interesting element to the band.

The goal is to eventually write originals and play gigs. Cover songs are mainly for building musicianship within the band and can also be used as filler songs for gig setlist.

I've been playing drums recreationally for over 10 years and i'm currently playing in my main band, Lula The Magic Queen, and my side band Angel Wine.

The reason why i'm starting this band is because i never got a chance to play pop/punk music. And i love drumming and jamming with different people, so why not.

For the sound of the band, i'm thinking of an upbeat kinda old school pop/punk feel. Along the lines of Blink 182, All American Rejects, Against Me, early Angels And Airwaves etc.

I've come up with 4 songs we can try out for jamming. I feel 4 is a good number to be able to learn quickly and get in a jam studio quickly as well.

1. Against Me - True Trans Soul Rebel
2. Angels And Airwaves - The War
3. +44 - 155
4. Swing - All American Rejects

We are between 24-29 years old. Age is just a number so i don't really care, but you might, so that's why i'm just stating our age group.
Do drop me a text or whatsapp at 8 2 00 7 4 59
Don't call cos i wont bother answering unknown numbers (thanks to those telemarketers)