What does it take to be a good band member ?


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What does it take to be a good band member ?

1. Don’t fly aeroplane
Have mercy on the poor soul who arranges the practice venue and organise everyone together. If you fly aeroplane last minute, you have also wasted 4 other persons time (assuming a 5 man band). They do not deserve this from you.

2. Do your homework
Rehearse your part before the jam. Be considerate to other members who do their part to make the jam a complete and fruitful one. Maybe this one doesn’t apply to Jazz musicians who can conjure up magical music phrases on the spot. I’m sorry, I am not one so I do not know.

3. Be punctual
4. Give positive feedback
5. Restate negative feedback constructively or shut up

6. Join the right band
- music preferences must be right to you or else you may not last in the band. But then again, it may be still ok if you enjoy some part of it and adopt a give and take attitude. Don’t expect yr first band to be yr last. Just enjoy the present.

7. Be humble. Yr abilities will shine through. Keep your ego in yr home cupboard. Don’t bring it to the jam session.

8. Continuously seek to improve yr own technical abilities of your chosen instruments.

9. Be grateful that other band members give their time to play with you.

10. If ever differences cannot be reconciled, part company harmoniously. Let music promote and not be a hindrance to friendship.

There are other important attributes that will make one a good band member. Please share, and share positively.